Copyright: materials bought from The Case Centre


The materials you buy from The Case Centre are copyrighted. The following copyright regulations apply:

  • Cases must be used in their entirety. You cannot modify or amend them without the copyright holder’s permission.
  • You must buy one copy per student. This applies to materials that will be used for teaching, training and exams.
  • You must buy one copy per student even when the material is to be used for group work.
  • You must not reproduce electronic or printed materials in any format, including electronically or by photocopying or scanning except:

- If your materials are delivered via pdf for you to print, you may print off the number of copies you ordered.

  • You must not distribute or share materials, for example, via email or a non-secure website except:

- If your materials are delivered via your secure course area and/or eReader app you can share them with students on your secure portal. You must not distribute or reproduce materials in any other way.

  • If you wish to use your materials again on a subsequent course, you must reorder the number of copies you need for the new course. You must not reuse the same electronic download for any course that is not named in the sidenote on the electronic download you have purchased.

Copyright statement for students

You may find it useful to include the following copyright statement for students on your portal:

Please note that this is copyrighted material.

You can:

  • view and print it out when working on it for your course.

You cannot:

  • reproduce it electronically or in print for any other purpose
  • distribute it in any way, for example via email or online.

If you notice that the sidenote information on your material does not correctly refer to your instructor, course title and course start and end dates please report it to

Terms of business

When ordering materials from us you agree to our terms of business which include these copyright regulations.

The materials we distribute are exempt from regulation by copyright agencies.

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Questions about copyright

If you have any further questions about copyright please contact Fran.
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