Previewing online inspection copies

With a database of over 112,600 products it can take time for an educator to find the right materials for their teaching needs. To make the process as quick and easy as possible we provide educators with access to free online educator preview copies*. To help you support the educators you work with if you register on our site you will also be able to access online educator preview copies on behalf of the educators you are linked to.
Previewing an online educator preview copy allows an educator to assess the suitability of an item for use in the classroom. Educator preview copies are not for classroom use, they contain the full text of a case and every page is clearly watermarked as an educator preview copy.

Register as an programme administrator

Everyone can search our product database but registering as a programme administrator opens up a useful range of benefits including access to instructor materials and free online educator preview copies on behalf of the educators you support.

More about registering

Finding online educator preview copies

Once you have searched, using product search, for the items that you are looking for you can see at a glance on your search results if an item has an online educator preview copy. All items with online educator preview copies display a pdf icon PDF icon on their record. Click the pdf icon to view the educator preview copy. Please note you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open a pdf.

If the item you're interested in does not have an online educator preview copy (this happens very occasionally with older items that we only have in paper format) please check with us to see if we can make one available. If we are unable to provide an online educator preview copy you will need to order a paper copy for personal/research purposes. Prices for paper copies start at $6.90/€6.60/£5.10.

* please note that customers in China are not eligible to view online educator preview copies from Harvard Business Publishing.
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