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Harvard Business Review

Every month, Harvard Business Review applies the best research and practice to the management challenges and strategic opportunities confronting top managers in today's complex global marketplace.

HBR OnPoint

Harvard Business Review OnPoint articles are enhanced versions of bestselling Harvard Business Review articlesOnPoint versions contain a summary of the article's main themes and provide concrete examples of practical applications for the ideas contained in the article. OnPoint articles were designed to make the value of the material apparent at a glance when handed out to a training session or class.

Harvard Management Update

This monthly newsletter helps you generate ideas, understand management trends, and solve current business problems-all in a concise, action-oriented format. Each issue of Harvard Management Update helps answer the question, 'How can I be more effective today?'

Balanced Scorecard Report

Discover the official newsletter of the Balanced Scorecard revolution! Developed in conjunction with Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, creators of the Balanced Scorecard, each issue delivers the latest research and front-line implementation news from organizations using the Balanced Scorecard strategic management system.

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Articles from Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Review OnPoint, Harvard Management Update and Balanced Scorecard Report may be ordered online from The Case Centre through product search. Prices per copy start from $4.35/€4.80/£3.70. Registered programme administrators may also view online educator preview copies on behalf of their linked educators.


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