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The idea that entrepreneurship in low-income countries can drive economies by empowering ordinary people to provide goods and services to millions of poor and middle-class citizens has only become widely accepted in recent years. It is on this idea that the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT launched its case-writing programme in the spring of 2012.

Legatum Center case studies illuminate the thought processes of entrepreneurs, the challenges they face, and the solutions they devise as they develop their businesses. These cases are available without charge to help teachers, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs. At the same time, they may demonstrate to academics and governments the value of entrepreneurial activities in low-income countries.

In addition to the written cases, selected cases also have a video component. They provide an enhanced, wider perspective by giving the entrepreneurs their own voice to describe the environment and challenges they face. The videos also provide a sense of the entrepreneurial personalities and what drives them. The video component is a significant differentiating factor from traditional case studies; it lets the viewer visit the companies, see how they operate, and hear from the entrepreneurs directly.

Teaching notes for the cases are restricted to educators who may use them to facilitate class discussions. Legatum cases are appropriate for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in international business and entrepreneurship.

Legatum Center cases are available free to all registered users at Click on a case title below to access its record. If you are unable to access the cases or teaching notes through the website, please contact

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Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship creates economic opportunity for ordinary citizens in low-income countries by supporting the innovative and transformative business concepts and technologies of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Center administers a fellowship for MIT students and provides them with the tools for starting businesses in low-income countries – through education and networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential investors. Case studies constitute one of the ways our students learn what they may face as entrepreneurs in low-income countries. As the challenges they encounter are likely to be different from those faced by U.S. entrepreneurs, exposure to these narratives helps them assess the prospects and problems before they launch their businesses and be in a better position to confront them as they move forward. 


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