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INSEAD (2014)
13 pages
Data source:
Field research
The case focuses on an innovative social media strategy by L'Oréal Paris to 'listen' to consumers, then develop a product to meet consumer needs and market it. First, the company partnered with Google to track emerging styles and determine which (if any) would endure. Then it leveraged social media when deciding how to position, name and launch the product. Please visit the dedicated case website to access video interviews and other support material. This case has been featured on our website, click to view the article.
Learning objectives:
1. The following objectives can be pursued individually or in combination: How to harness social media buzz to uncover a consumer need. 2. How social media fosters market learning; Google and YouTube's role in identifying trends. 3. How to identify fads versus enduring trends. 4. New product development using social media. 5. Marketing implementation.
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