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Amity Research Centers (2013)
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Amazon, the pioneer in e-commerce, had grown to become the world’s largest on-line retailer, disrupting industries and dismantling market leaders. Working on offering the best customer service, lowest prices and convenience, Amazon soon earned customer acceptability and loyalty, becoming a dominant force diversifying into many digital businesses and offerings. Despite its enormous growth, Amazon’s e-commerce success had been achieved at massive capital cost and thin profit margins due to its heavy investments and deep discounts offered to consumers. In 2013, the e-commerce giant had announced several strategies such as expanding its presence in the grocery segment, pushing digital devices and content, providing same day delivery, becoming a strong contender in the cloud based services segment and also expanding its footprint in the developing regions. The case allows students to discuss the various strategic moves made by the company and understand the evolution of its business model.


Amazon; Wal-Mart; eBay; e-Commerce; On-line retail; e-Tailer; Kindle; AmazonFresh; Prime; Business model; Jeff Bezos; On-line sales; AWS; On-line marketing; Consumer behaviour
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