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Antonio Villafuerte (Instituto Internacional San Telmo)
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25 pages
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Field research


Driscoll's of Europe (DoE) was founded in March 2009 by the California Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, Inc (hereinafter, Driscoll's) - the largest marketer of wild berries and Spanish-Alconeras with 80% and 20% stake respectively. Based in Breda (Netherlands), its aim was to increase sales of Driscoll's varieties in the continental European market, developing a strong brand position in this market and consolidate production of these varieties in Europe and North Africa, replicated in Europe the original US parent, which enhanced innovation, differentiation and brand, and whose success was supported by the results obtained during the last decades. The case raises the decision of the Council of Administration DoE has to take in February 2011, one of his best wen European customers reports that only continue to work with their products if they are packaged under their own label. Is the model replicable Driscoll's success in Europe? Would need some kind of adaptation? What are the differences between the European and the US market?


Marketing; Business environment; Internationalization; Brand; Brand distribution; Market development; Agricultural marketing; Agricultural production; Feed
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13 October 2011

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