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INSEAD (2017)
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This is part of a case series. In 2017, the Financial Times ranked INSEAD’s MBA programme #1 in the world for the second year in a row. The Dean of INSEAD, Ilian Mihov, commissioned a large-scale study to understand the school’s brand equity compared to its peers. The goal is to optimize INSEAD’s positioning, value proposition and communication, to attract the best MBA students. Case A asks students to develop a survey that will measure the strengths and weaknesses of the INSEAD brand compared to its key competitors. They must select the performance measures, relevant competitors and the relevant sample. Case B provides results from a survey of 4,000 GMAT-takers who rated 18 business schools. Students analyze the data to measure the strength of the INSEAD brand and its image compared with its competitors. To optimize the school’s positioning, students must identify the most important attributes used when choosing an MBA programme. Please visit the dedicated case website to access supplementary material.
Learning objectives:
1. This case can be used for many different audiences and contexts. 2. It can be used for discussion in courses focusing on branding, marketing research, data analytics, customer centricity, general marketing strategy, communication and social media strategy, consumer behavior, and international marketing.
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