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Reference no. BEP3658
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Business Expert Press (2015)
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Chapter from:
"The Agile Edge: Managing Projects Effectively Using Agile Scrum"
30 pages


This chapter is excerpted from 'The Agile Edge: Managing Projects Effectively Using Agile Scrum'. This concise book is an effective source for understanding Agile Scrum development; why we use it and how it works. It will explain to you how work gets done in manageable iterations (AKA Sprints) and also the team meetings that keep work on track (AKA Ceremonies). Also, since risk is a constant threat to any team based project, managing risk in an Agile Scrum environment is specifically discussed. Therefore, this book is for you as a: 1) New Agile Scrum team member, as this book will help you get up to speed quickly, 2) Team leader, as this book describes the foundation of Agile Scrum so you can save time getting team members on the same page, and 3) Trainer/Educator of Agile Scrum, as this book clearly defines Agile Scrum in a structured way so that students can learn how to effectively serve on an Agile team to improve their marketability. In short, if you need to know Agile Scrum, this book will show you how to own it.


Agile; Scrum; Agile Scrum; Iteration; Sprint; Visioning; Grooming; Back log; Retrospective; Project management; XP; Extreme programming; Daily standup; Burn down chart

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