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Reference no. 9-519-049
Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2019)
7 March 2019
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25 pages
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Marketers have long appreciated the value and power of storytelling. Stories fill brands with resonant and relevant meaning and empower brands to serve as critical elements in the lives of consumers. Mastering the art of brand storytelling is an increasingly important part of managing brands in the contemporary brandscape, as today, we live in a world filled with an ever-expanding panoply of physical and virtual media spaces and places within which to create and tell stories with and to our consumers. This technical note outlines how and why consumers respond to brand stories, illuminates the four elements that make up good stories, discusses the use of archetypal plots and characters and other storytelling appeals, and provides guidance and a template for creating resonant, relevant, authentic, and differentiated brand stories.


Advertising; Brand management; Branding; Brands; Communication; Consumer behavior; Marketing; Marketing communications; Marketing strategy

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