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INSEAD (2019)
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This case explores how an Indian firm breaks into a product category dominated by international players. Titan, a Tata Group subsidiary and leading jewellery firm, wants to enter the fragrance category and challenge established foreign brands. To do so requires a branding strategy that encompasses evolving economic, social, cultural and psychological trends in the vast emerging market, and a strategic approach to compete with the incumbents' heritage and cachet. Titan must first identify its target customer segment(s) and develop a positioning that can accommodate a portfolio of products and sub-brands, and then devise an implementation plan for product development, advertising/promotion, pricing and distribution.


Branding; Perfume; Fragrance; India; Emerging market; Marketing strategy; Branding strategy; Strategy; Marketing management; Brand management; Market entry; Luxury; Consumer psychology; Consumer behaviour


The events covered by this item took place in 2016-2019.

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Consumer goods; Luxury goods and jewelry

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