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Ayse Kaplan (Middle East Technical University (METU)); Scott Andrews (University of Worcester); Nazli Wasti (Middle East Technical University (METU))
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Blue&Green Design Technology company has provided design programs and digital printing software to the textile industry in Turkey for eleven years, providing additional training and technical support. The company represents some well-known global organisations in the digital printing sector in Turkey. In this market, most of the companies are providing very similar programs and software products; therefore, the most important point of differentiation for Blue&Green Design Technology is the quality of training and technical services. Hence, customer relationship management plays an important role in managing market competition. This case examines potential change processes available to Blue&Green Design Technology Company proposed by Neyla Bulut, who was hired as the new Sales Manager in 2016. When Bulut started to work for the company, she realized that Blue&Green had some difficulties in managing relationships with their customers and their employees. She observed that although the company had grown its business for more than ten years, it was still operating like a startup company and there was no clear operational structure in the organization. Bulut started to implement a new system in order to change the organization’s structure from its entrepreneurial basis to a more professionalized platform, with the support of the founder managers. However, it was not so easy to manage this process given employee resistance. She was concerned about a number of issues including lack of clarity and communication, attachment to the established organizational culture, and employees showing resistance. Bulut recognized her role was evolving as a change champion, but found that the business needed to deal with all these different situations if the organization was going to be effective at implementing change.

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Change management; Organisational change; Organisational culture; Effective communication; Stakeholder analysis; Leadership styles


The events covered by this item took place in 2017.

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