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Reference no. 520-0058-1
Subject category: Marketing
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Amity Research Centers (2020)
6 pages
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Neuromarketing was a new and emerging field in marketing, brand and advertising management areas. Neuromarketing applications were already used for gauging emotional response to advertisements, in product designing and customer interaction with technology and more, keeping in view how the brain translated reactions into consumer decisions and behaviours. Traditional research gaps could be overcome by using new research techniques from the field of Neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. Keeping in mind the complex and diverse nature of consumers, Neuromarketing could provide better insights into their purchase intentions. Neurologists still had a long way to go to understand in detail how the human brain made a decision, let alone predict it accurately. It was also necessary for financial, legal and ethical steps to be considered in the application of Neuromarketing. Would Neuromarketing become the next big thing in the field of marketing?

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This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Neuroscience; Product marketing; Market research; Advertising; Brain scans; Eye tracking; FMRI; EEG; Google; Facebook; Nielsen; Consumer decision making; Consumer behaviour; New product development; Product design


The events covered by this item took place in 2020.

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