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Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2020)
27 August 2020
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Since its launch in 1998 as 'the of DVDs', Netflix had evolved from a DVD rental company to a video streaming platform and producer of original films and television shows. As the company matured, it regularly increased prices and adjusted its product offerings while continuing to add new subscribers. However, between late 2019 and mid-2020, competition within the streaming industry intensified with the launch of new entrants such as Disney , Apple TV , and HBO Max, jeopardizing Netflix's position as the industry leader. In spite of the heightened competition in the streaming industry, some analysts and customer willingness-to-pay surveys suggested that Netflix had the opportunity to implement another rate hike in the near future. By May 2020, Netflix must decide whether to increase prices again, or whether it should consider a different pricing model altogether.


Business strategies; Competition; Competitive strategy; Customer satisfaction; Customers; Finance; General management; Internet; Marketing; Marketing strategy; Platforms; Prices; Pricing; Product adaptation; Strategy
Fortune 500
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