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Reference no. MH0067
Published by:
Harvard Business Publishing (2020)
7 March 2020
31 pages
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The case is set in January 2020 and the case protagonist is Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Inc, a fully integrated sustainable energy and transportation company. The case sets up real-world, factual problems that Elon Musk and Tesla face, including how to scale-up production profitably while launching several new models at the same time. Future demand in Tesla's key markets-the United States, China, and Europe-is also uncertain. Tesla, Inc. employed about 50,000 people worldwide and boasted a market capitalization of USD150 billion, an appreciation of more than 6,000 percent over its initial public offering in 2010. This made the electric vehicle start-up more valuable than GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler combined and the second most valuable auto company globally, only behind Toyota Motor Corp but ahead of the Volkswagen Group, the world's two largest car manufacturers. To put Tesla's stock market valuation in perspective, in 2019, GM and Ford combined made more than 10 million vehicles while Toyota and Volkswagen each made over 10 million. In comparison, Tesla made less than 370,000 cars.


Business models; Energy; Innovation; Leadership; Learning curves; Mission statement; Network effects; Operations and processes; Organizational culture; Organizational structure; Platforms; Strategy; Technology; Values; Vision

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