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Amity Research Centers (2020)
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Fujitsu, a leading Japanese Information and Communication Technology company had innovatively introduced remote working processes. The COVID-19 pandemic had globally influenced organisations to shift away from physical offices resulting in the evolution of a new work paradigm. Organisations were gradually moving towards remote working and flexible work for existing and potential employees. This shift was assisted by digital facilities which helped the cause of working from outside a formal office. Fujitsu supported and adopted remote work in keeping with the changing work style. It had taken up workplace restructuring to strengthen remote working practices. This new way of working resulted in better empowering, productivity and creative experiences for employees. The company launched work from home model under its 'Work Life Shift' programme. Having digital technology at its core, Fujitsu's work life shift was founded on smart working, borderless office and transformed corporate culture. Would Fujitsu become a forerunner in successfully establishing work from home as the 'new normal'?

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Fujitsu; COVID-19 pandemic; Remote working practices; Work life shift initiative; Flexible work; Smart working; Borderless office; Transformed corporate culture; Digital facilities; Changing work style; Workplace restructuring; Productivity; Creative experiences for employees; Permanent work from home


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