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Amity Research Centers (2020)
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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the economy and businesses severely, unprecedently and adversely. It strained the business leadership too. Taken aback by the sudden turn of events which unfolded gradually, C-suite promptly geared themselves to deal with the crisis in the most appropriate manner possible. Unsure initially, the business leadership slowly took cognisance of the severity and uncertainty of the situation and quickly chalked out the roadmap to not just steer their businesses in the post COVID-19 scenario but also soothe the anxieties of the employees and customers alike. Health, job security and uncertainty related to future were the top most concerns. It was realised that transparency, unambiguous communication across the organisation, high level of trust and a 'hierarchy free' feeling of togetherness was essential to overcome the uncertain times. Consequently, the leadership traits desirable during and post COVID-19 scenario were different and hitherto not experienced. But then, leadership was an ever-evolving concept and each crisis situation brought forth opportunities to exhibit new traits and attributes. The moot question was which set of leadership attributes was required to lead in uncertain times? Were these different for different sectors or were there some common identifiable traits applicable to all leadership positions?

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Leadership; Uncertain times; COVID-19; Leadership theory; Leadership attributes; Leadership styles; Transactional leadership; Transformational theory


The events covered by this item took place in 2020.

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United States

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