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Reference no. 307-175-1
Marcel Planellas (FundaciĆ³n ESADE); Silviya Svejenova (FundaciĆ³n ESADE)
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21 pages
Data source:
Field research


The case offers insights into the trajectory of Ferran Adria, the world''s most innovative chef, and his restaurant elBulli, the best restaurant in the world. It is based on numerous interviews with the renowned chef and visits to his creativity workshop, as well as on data coming from the company''s archives, books, videos, and the media. The case details key milestones in the culinary, creative, and organisational evolution of elBulli that have paved the way to the chef''s recognition and renown. It poses the question of what the chef has to do with his restaurant in order to capitalise on the hugely untapped demand. To help participants answer the question, the case provides information on the diverse activities in the chef''s business model: (1) the restaurant; (2) the creativity workshop; (3) the consulting activities; (4) collaborations and own businesses; as well as (5) the relationship with media and society. It also details the chef''s values and the key aspects of his approach to creativity and innovation. The case has been used with diverse audiences, from undergraduate and MBA students to participants in executive education courses. It usually generates a lively debate on topics ranging from strategy to innovation.


Creativity; Business models; Managing growth; Haute cuisine; Entrepreneurship
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