Terms and conditions for CoursePack Creator

By selecting ‘CoursePack Creator’ as the format required, you accept the terms and conditions and accordingly you agree that:

  1. once a payment method is selected (SchoolPay or StudentPay), this cannot be changed.
  2. SchoolPay is only available to authorised members of The Case Centre, otherwise the default will be StudentPay.
  3. the CoursePack becomes ‘active’ once the activate button is clicked.
  4. the CoursePack will be deleted if it hasn’t been activated two weeks after the course start date.
  5. the start date for a course can be a maximum of six months in the future.
  6. the end date for a course can be a maximum of six months from its start date.
  7. until activation all elements can be edited (apart from the unique CoursePack identifier and payment option). Once the CoursePack is active no changes can be made save those stated in (8) below and the order cannot be cancelled.
  8. when a CoursePack is active material may be added but only material that has not been accessed by students may be deleted (for SchoolPay adding is only available until you are invoiced).
  9. only materials available electronically can be added to a CoursePack.
  10. access to files on the CoursePack will be available until two weeks after the course end date.
  11. estimated student enrolment numbers will be provided on set-up for SchoolPay. Student enrolment numbers must be finalised two weeks after the course start date.
  12. once student enrolment numbers are finalised an invoice will be raised. Should no final enrolment number be supplied The Case Centre reserves the right to invoice based on the estimated student number.
  13. when the end date of the course has been reached, if the number of unique individual downloads per item exceeds the quantity of students specified as the final enrolment number, an invoice will be raised for the ‘additional enrolment’ figure. This will be based on the highest number of unique users irrelevant of products accessed.
  14. materials in the CoursePack are only available to individuals using the unique link supplied by The Case Centre. The link must only be sent to students you authorise to have access. ‘Consumers’ of the CoursePack must be registered with The Case Centre as a student.
  15. the creator of a CoursePack is responsible for ensuring that their own uploaded content does not infringe copyright or any rights of a third party. The Case Centre is not liable for any action arising out of material you choose to upload.
  16. access to materials included on a CoursePack from The Case Centre’s collection is solely for the purpose of viewing online and printing one copy per title per student/participant for their own personal use. A single perpetual copy of such items may be retained for personal use by the student/participant.
  17. the electronic copies of cases or other materials included on a CoursePack will not be collected, stored in any format in any library or in any database system or reproduced in any form or distributed by any means for any use outside of the Terms and Conditions.
  18. customers of The Case Centre Limited are bound by the terms and conditions as interpreted under UK law, and customers of The Case Centre USA Ltd are bound by the terms and conditions as interpreted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  19. these Terms and Conditions may be reviewed, modified or revoked by The Case Centre at any time without notice.

By purchasing through The Case Centre’s CoursePack Creator you agree to ensure that all students, tutors and administrators are made fully aware of the terms and conditions as they apply to them and with particular regard to the need to respect copyright. In the event of a breach of the terms and conditions The Case Centre reserves the right to take the necessary action.

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