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Brands Whisper’g

Brands Whisper’g

About the Brands Whisper’g case collection

Brands Whisper'g is a digital case library which initially started in Turkey, under the Markalar Fısıldıyor series. The project idea is simply based on creating a digital video case library in marketing and business, with the narration of top business executives, talking about specific marketing problems they faced and how they solved them.

The Brands Whisper'g digital video case series is structured like a marketing textbook, with a similar outline. However, instead of covering each and every chapter with the help of marketing text, the subject is explained by top executives, using their chosen brand as an example, which gives the series its uniqueness.

The international and national brands included in the Brands Whisper'g series are household names in Turkey. Therefore, those who watch the case videos get a chance to learn about marketing through brands and their real-life experiences.

The digital case library in Turkish is expanding by the day. For The Case Centre’s collection, some of the cases were translated and dubbed into English in 2017, to be distributed in the international markets through the Centre.

View the current library at www.brandswhispering.com.

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Brands Whisper’g

Brands Whisper'g began as ElIzi Istanbul’s project in Turkey in August 2014, and was launched in March 2016.

The aim was to create a well-known and popular digital marketing case library, both for the business and the academic world, with the narration of companies' top executives.

The project opened up to international markets in the summer of 2017 through the efforts of ElIzi Communications Consultancy U.K. Ltd., when some of the cases were translated and dubbed into English for their distribution in the international markets through The Case Centre.

Brands Whisper’g want to expand their digital case library collection by adding new cases from the UK, as well as reaching wider audience groups with different business and communication book titles. 

The project idea was initiated by Dr. Nukhet Vardar, ElIzi, U.K. In addition, writing up of digital cases, as well as the project co-ordination, is carried out by N. Vardar. The whole team consists of seven to nine members.

Markalar Fısıldıyor ® is a registered trade mark of El Izi Istanbul, Turkey and Brands Whisper’g ® is a registered trade mark of El Izi London, UK under UK00003230777.


Brands Whisper’g

e nukhetvardar@elizi.net
w www.brandswhispering.com
www.elizi.net (English version)

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