The University of California Press’ Case Studies in the Environment Competition Results


First Prize

Pluralizing Science for Inclusive Water Governance: An Engaged Ethnographic Approach to WaSH Data Collection in Delhi, India
Heather O’Leary, Department of Anthropology, Washington University

Honourable mention

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Regional Sustainability, and Hydraulic Fracturing: An Integrated Assessment of the Denver Region
Sonya Ahamed, School of Environment & Natural Resources, University of Vermont
Joshua Sperling, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden
Gillian Galford, School of Environment & Natural Resources, University of Vermont
Jennie C. Stephens, School of Environment & Natural Resources, University of Vermont
Douglas Arent, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden

Using a Community Vote for Wind Energy Development Decision-Making in King Island, Tasmania
R.M. Colvin, Climate Change Institute, Australian National University
G. Bradd Witt, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland
Justine Lacey, Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO), Brisbane


First Prize

Evaluating Community Engagement and Benefit-Sharing Practices in Australian Wind Farm Development
Nina Lansbury Hall, University of Queensland, Australia
Jarra Hicks, University of New South Wales, and Community Power Agency, Australia
Taryn Lane, Embark
Emily Wood, independent communications contractor

Honourable Mention

Community-Based Watershed Restoration in He‘eia (He‘eia ahupua‘a), O‘ahu, Hawaiian Islands
Holly V. Campbell, Oregon State University
A.M. Campbell, Catalina Island Marine Institute

Honourable Mention

Environmental Impact Assessments and Hydraulic Fracturing: Lessons from Two U.S. States
Miriam R. Aczel, Imperial College London
Karen E. Makuch, Imperial College London

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