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Learning with cases

Students in classLearning with cases is exhilarating, inspiring and fun. No wonder so many case teachers hear from students years after graduation who still remember the cases and case method sessions that provided the philosophical, theoretical and practical bedrock for their subsequent management careers.

What is a case?

Cases describe real-life business situations. Usually the main character in the case is facing a tricky challenge or decision. Class participants discuss possible solutions and analyse the pros and cons of various approaches to the problem.

Learning vital skills

Students in classWithin the context of real-life decision-making students learn business and management theory while at the same time developing a wide range of vital skills. These include negotiation, analysis, defending and challenging viewpoints, team and lone working, and the ability to guard against making decisions based on too little information. You will also greatly enhance your confidence and employability.

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Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide

Learning with cases can be a challenging experience. Our Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide will take you through the process, providing practical tips, tricks and tools. Find out more.

What participants say…

Here are some typical reactions from case classroom participants:

‘The invaluable part is eliciting the emotion that goes hand in hand with a difficult decision, given a host of uncertainties and competing issues. It really becomes fun, seeing how we handle that “no man’s land” where you get to see how different people approach a given situation.’
Steven Fouskarinis, IESE Global Executive MBA participant

‘Cases are an incredible way to gain experience and see different approaches to solve specific situations. It enriches oneself with real life situations.’
Xavier Cornella, IESE Global Executive MBA participant

‘In my opinion the case method has so many benefits over the traditional book-based method of teaching business. I can’t possibly summarise all of them but a few of the most important for me are:

  • It’s more fun! Even as an accountant I find some of the more detailed parts of finance a little dull, but framing the topic as a case brings the subject to life.
  • It brings business back to reality. Having read more than my fair share of management books prior to London Business School, ‘business’ had started to seem like quite an abstract, academic subject. The case method rapidly brings you back down to earth, reminding you that business involves real people being forced to make enormously important decisions often based on incomplete and/or poor quality information.
  • Cases allow you to benefit from the experience of others.
  • You practise articulating arguments clearly and concisely.’

Allen, London Business School MBA participant

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‘The case method prepares you to hold your own while engaging with your peers. You learn how to think and speak quickly. More important: you learn how to listen and absorb deeply.

‘My favourite classes are the ones where I would change my mind two or three times during the course of the debate. You don’t get challenged like this in a lecture, period.’ 
Gavin Ellman, Harvard Business School MBA participant

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Learning with cases online

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Student sessions

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