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Resources: online case learning

/files/Images/casemethod/StudentsOnline.jpgAs the Coronavirus causes the usual delivery of programmes around the world to be disrupted, we at The Case Centre are working hard to support you, the students, through this period of uncertainty.

Learning online

We understand that adapting to solely learning online during this difficult time can be a big challenge for many.

We believe it is vital that the case community, including students, comes together to share experiences and best practices. Moving to learning (with cases) online quickly may provide different challenges, but with this support we can help you have the most positive learning experience possible.


To support you we will be curating a list of relevant resources. The list below will be updated with new resources as they’re produced.

If you have written, or if you see, a relevant resource on these topics, please let us know and we'll add it to the list and share it via our social media channels.

Tips from educators

Here you can find some hints and tips from world leading educators and schools, to help you with your online learning in general, but which can also be applied to online case classes.

“I always ask my students to join with a computer and monitor if they can, otherwise a laptop, then tablet, and then phone. I also suggest that they use a television set as a monitor if they have one available, and the conductivity to do so.” – Bill Schiano, Bentley University

“Online learning doesn’t necessarily mean learning in isolation. Connecting with your virtual classmates on social media or your online course’s forum will enhance tremendously your eLearning experience, especially if you are an introvert and visual barriers hinder you in expressing yourself.” – eLearning Industry.

“From Netflix to social media to dishes piling up in the skink, you’ll be faced with many distractions that can easily derail your studies. The best online students know how to lessen these distractions and set aside time to focus.” – Northeastern University.

“Make sure you join classes with your video on so your educator can see you, join with the microphone muted and prepared to be cold called.” – Angela Lee, Columbia Business School.

What are your experiences?

We want to hear from you about your online case class experiences. What did you gain from the class? What did you find challenging? Any other tips you can pass on to fellow students?

Please contact us via paddy@thecasecentre.org and we’ll share your comments on this page and across social media.

"Today I had my first online class at #INSEAD. After some anxiety and many doubts about what the quality of future classes would be from now on, we were surprised by an incredibly interactive and motivating class, which proves that traditional formats can and must be challenged by technology and this is the time to make it happen. Pierre Chandon nailed it with such an interesting case study! #brandmanagement #marketing #burgerking"
Carolina Pacheco Libório, student at INSEAD

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