Terms and conditions of sale - US office

The products you are purchasing are subject to our terms and conditions (“Terms”). Different Terms apply to different products and where you are buying different types of products more than one set of Terms may apply to your order. Please see below for the Terms that may apply.

If you are in any doubt please contact us by emailing info.usa@thecasecentre.org or phoning +1 781 239 5884. We add new products to our range continually so please refer to this page regularly.

Product type Description Applicable terms
Electronic downloads Electronic downloads (excluding those provided via your course area or our CoursePack Creator). Terms and conditions of sale and Terms of electronic downloads
Physical products All physical products such as printed copies, CDs and DVDs. Terms and conditions of sale and Terms of physical products


Please note that customers outside North America should view the terms of business for the UK office.

When registering for our website you also agreed to the terms and conditions of our registration agreement.

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