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Reference no. 511-077-1
Compact case
Subject category: Marketing
Published by:
IBS Center for Management Research (2011)
5 pages
Data source:
Generalised experience


The founder of a popular regional chain of hotels and resorts in southern India wanted to find out about customer preferences where his group’s hotels were concerned and about the factors that influence customer preference for a particular hotel. Toward this end, he had a meeting with this senior management team. The marketing team conducted a pilot study and came back with its recommendations. The case will help the students: To identify the significant variables in customer preferences; To understand the steps in Multi Regression Analysis; To understand how Bivariate Regression Analysis is conducted to assess the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The case is designed for MBA / MS level students as part of a marketing research / operations research / quantitative methods curriculum.


Multiple regression analysis; Marketing research; Consumer preferences; Customer satisfaction; Dependent variable; Independent variables; Pilot study; Decision making
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