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Reference no. BEP0026
Published by:
Business Expert Press (2009)
Chapter from:
"Export Marketing Strategy: Tactics and Skills That Work"
21 pages


This chapter is excerpted from ‘Export Marketing Strategy: Tactics and Skills That Work'. Chapter 5. Upon completing this chapter, you should be able to: (1) appreciate the critical role of partnering in international business; (2) understand the conceptual basis of business collaboration; (3) explain frameworks for business strategy and partner fit analysis; (4) understand the monitoring and control strategies available to you as an exporter; (5) identify successful partnerships; (6) structure effective partnership agreements; and (6) identify reasons why partnerships fail. This book describes the steps necessary to achieve success in export marketing. It is a step-by-step guide to the art and science of export marketing, from initial discovery to researching new markets, to the financial aspects, to managing ongoing operations. It is written for small to mid-size firms as a primer, and as a reference for larger firms already involved in exporting as a guide to higher levels of success. By reading this book, managers will master the art and science of successful exporting and learn a strategic approach to helping their firms succeed in export marketing.


Partnering; Business relationships; Export; Export marketing strategies; Successful export marketing; Export fundamentals; Practical export guide; Business strategy

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