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Reference no. 614-061-1
Compact case
R Muthukumar (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.); Nagendra V Chowdary (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.)
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This caselet focuses on the concept and application of Multiple Regression Analysis. A growing retail firm ‘DailyFresh’ in Chennai had its own dairy farm and supplied dairy products to customers in Chennai. DailyFresh intended to initiate new strategies to enhance their market share, against huge competition from new and existing players. The firm strongly believed that customer satisfaction is the key factor to increase its market share. To emphasise on customer focus, DailyFresh conducted a survey to measure the customer satisfaction towards its products and services; and to plan new strategies to meet the customer expectations. Can the application of Multiple Regression Analysis at DailyFresh prove beneficial in increasing its market share?


Quantitative methods; Decision science; Analysis; Multiple regression analysis; Correlation; Interpretation; Statistics; MBA course case mapping; Business statistics
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