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Reference no. 315-144-1
Jay Halfond (Boston University)
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9 pages
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Generalised experience
Innovation can be especially challenging within large, decentralised organisations. This multi-part case takes the student through the progressive stages in the process of creating a new academic program for a major university. Innovation combines both vision and opportunity, which often evolves organically to address the unique conditions of the organisation as well as the market. Students can identify and discuss the qualities of leadership in constructing a new program, navigating through a complex organisation, building coalitions and support, and responding with agility to serendipity within the circumstances that arise. Innovation is more than simply generating a powerful new idea: the political skills and sensitivities of leaders are critical in the ultimate success of an initiative. And the satisfaction that comes from a successful outcome is often far more than just the victory of completion, but the gratification that comes from creating something of great value to others. This case is best suited for those working, or intending to work, in educational or non-profit institutions - as well as those learning about the challenge of innovation within large organisations.
Learning objectives:
1. To discuss and understand the nature of new product development within a large organisation. 2. To appreciate the role of innovation in higher education, especially in addressing non-traditional students. 3. To analyse qualities of leadership in building support for new ventures. 4. To appreciate the tenacity and idealism inherent in new initiatives. 5. To appreciate the responsiveness of higher education to the needs of the public.
USA, Higher education, 2000s, Large research university
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