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IBS Center for Management Research (2015)
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Using social intelligence acquired through social media monitoring and incorporating this intelligence to strategically change the approach to evolve and attain a business objective empirically, is a challenge. IKEA embraced social media by making its presence felt on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. For IKEA, unique in its corporate structure, embracing social media was a turning point. IKEA formally set up its 'Listening Hub' in 2014, acknowledging the importance of social media listening. Prior to setting up the 'Listening Hub', IKEA encountered situations that underlined the need to set up a formal Social Listening Hub. This case attempts to understand the importance of social media monitoring and the advantages associated with it, specific to IKEA, illustrated through situations identified and confronted by IKEA in different countries, prior to the setting up of 'The Listening Hub'. It also helps to understand the various objectives of social media monitoring that IKEA tried to achieve, and the challenges faced by the furniture retailer in implementing its social media strategy. This case is meant for MBA/MS students as a part of the Knowledge, Information & Communication Systems management curriculum. It can be also used in a Marketing Research curriculum.

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This item is suitable for postgraduate courses.


Social media listening; Social media monitoring; Business intelligence; Marketing research; Social intelligence; Social media strategy; On-line reputation management; Crisis management; Influencer identification; Creative feedback and ad targeting; Competitive monitoring; Customer satisfaction; Trend analysis; 'Listening Hub'


The events covered by this item took place in 2009-2015.

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Sweden; United States

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Furniture retail

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