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Compact case
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Loic Ple (IESEG School of Management)
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Generalised experience


This case is a role play that makes students endorse the role of trainees who have just arrived in a famous innovation center. Working as teams of 3 or 4, their mission is to understand what innovation is and what its underlying dynamics are by linking theory and practice of innovation. To do so, students have to search for an innovation on the internet, then write a short description of this innovation and link it with the theory that they have previously learnt on innovation. Students have to prepare this text by using an online collaborative writing tool (eg Google docs or Office 365). In addition, they must explicitly indicate their sources, which are limited to 4 or 5, and justify why they have relied on these specific sources by explaining their added value compared with others that they may have excluded during their data collection process. Eventually, they have to share their description and analysis with the other groups of students (by using, for instance, the forum of the course website if one is available).



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