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INSEEC - Organisation et Développement (2016)
11 pages
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Generalised experience
The hectic competition that is going on between fast-food restoration brands and, on the other hand, the consumers' growing demands, have lead the fast food companies to analyze their relationship with their suppliers and their customers. The efficiency of the manufacturers and the collaboration between partners facilitate the use of a 'supply chain management' (or SCM). This new interest for the SCM is stimulated by the evolution in the field of technologies of information and communication (TIC) enabling the chain partners to exchange important quantities of information as frequently as need be. The case deals with these problematics and the specific aspects of the marketing involved.
Learning objectives:
1. Understand the concept of supply chain management (SCM). 2. Initiate a management project for a SCM, aiming at making collaboration between partners more efficient and improving reactivity facing the customers' needs, in order to give more strength to a good competitive strategy. 3. Implant a SCM process based on Sequence (decision-making), Process (products, information) and Flux aiming at satisfying the customers' final demands.
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