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IBS Center for Management Research (2017)
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Abstract, the Chinese e-Commerce giant, announced its full year results for 2015. For the year ending December 2015, the company's net revenue stood at USD28.0 billion (RMB181.3 billion), an increase of 58% from the previous year. had witnessed a surge in its online retail market share in China, going up from 18.6% in 2014 to 23.2% in the third quarter of 2015.'s staff had outnumbered its archrival Alibaba's 22,000 employees, and had been giving a tough fight on delivery quality and standards. The man behind this resounding success, Liu Qiangdong (Liu), Chairman and CEO of, had transformed the humble brick and mortar electronics store into an online retail behemoth after he founded in 2004. Strong customer focus, continuous improvement, cutting-edge systems, and environmentally responsible business practices described Liu's functioning. With his uncanny ability to learn lessons from failures, convert failures to success, utilize threats as opportunities, and churn strengths out of weaknesses, he built, China's second largest online retailer. However, the future did not look easy. With Alibaba and Amazon-China catching up, faced a stiff fight from fellow retailers. With e-Commerce in China accounting for about 12.1% of total retail sales and promising to grow three-fold every year, the online retail space seemed set to witness a fierce fight among the players for market share.


e-Commerce;; Liu Qiangdong; Entrepreneurship; China; e-Commerce in China; Online retail; Chinese companies; Chinese competitors; Emerging economy; Traits of entrepreneur
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