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Subject category: Marketing
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Harvard Business Publishing (2018)
9 January 2018
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18 pages
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Chateau Margaux, one of only five prestigious estates in the Bordeaux Medoc wine region to have been classified as a 'first-growth', is facing a host of strategic decisions in early 2013. Up until this point the estate had been selling two red wines, a first wine whose retail price often exceeded USD1000 a bottle, and a second wine whose retail price often exceeded USD200 a bottle. Owner Corinne Mentzelopoulos and her management team were now preparing to launch a new third wine made from the estate's production not used to make the first two. They have to decide whether the best go-to-market strategy is to sell the third wine to the local Bordeaux merchants and relinquish commercialization to them or to devise a complete marketing plan for the new wine that includes: target market selection, positioning, quantity to release, pricing, channel structure and brand name. Mentzelopoulos was considering the optimal marketing for the third wine in light of moves by other first-growths, such as purchase of vineyards in the Bordeaux region, selling mass-market wines, and global expansion.


Brand management; Branding; Brands; Distribution channels; General management; Marketing; Marketing plans; Marketing strategy; New product marketing; Strategy
USD50-500 million; Mid-size
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