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INSEAD (2018)
7 pages
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Waymo, the self-driving car division of Google, has ordered 82,000 self-driving cars for delivery through 2020. Cruise Automation, from General Motors, is perfecting their own fleet. Countless companies are driving full-throttle into the future. This case explores whether self-driving cars (autonomous vehicles or AVs) are a red oean or blue ocean opportunity, and explains the difference between technological innovation and value innovation. It will prompt students to think about disruptive innovation and non-disruptive market creation, and why inventors of major technological innovations throughout history have often failed to meaningfully monetize their inventions.
Learning objectives:
1. The case has proved to be well suited to a discussion of the following topics: 1. Value innovation (Blue Ocean Strategy, Six-Paths Framework, Kim & Mauborgne's ERRC framework, Kim & Mauborgne's Strategy Canvas);. 2. Technology innovation, disruptive innovation (How do firms respond to new technology?);. 3. Fundamentals of industry change.
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