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Web-based case
Reference no. DE1-220-I-M
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IE Business School (2018)
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Web-based case
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Field research
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Arrogant Brewing: Strategy in the Craft Beer Market puts students in the shoes of founding partner of a San Diego-based craft brewery as they make their entrance into the craft beer market. Using a modern multimedia layout including interactive activities and a realistic storyline acted out on screen, learners will have to make crucial strategic decisions that will have a direct effect on the company's success and will receive immediate feedback on the decisions they've made. This case is separated into 3 parts, each one consisting of Watch, Learn, Do, and Decide sub-sections. The multimedia's format makes for a clear and engaging learning experience. Arrogant Brewing, an up-and-coming craft brewery, wants to break into the craft beer market, but must tackle a number of obstacles along the way. Each part begins with a video centered around the student, making him/her the protagonist. Students must listen to the current situation the company finds itself in. After watching the video, students will learn the academic theories relevant to the situation, practice their understanding with interactive activities (drag and drop exercises, matching, etc), and finally, make a decision about the company's next move. With each decision made, feedback is given in video format. A practical, modern, and visually stunning case, Arrogant Brewing has already proved to be an effective and popular resource used in classes at IE.

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Strategy; Niche; SME; Market


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Arrogant Bastard Ale

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