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Glyn Atwal (Burgundy School of Business); Douglas Bryson (Rennes School of Business)
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An employee (Katy Campbell) raises a formal complaint to the Director of Human Resources (Jane Garcia) concerning allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, 'I feel extremely uncomfortable when I am subjected to staring from some of our male co-workers. It is a disturbing, distracting, and an unsettling feeling'. Students are left to contemplate whether a culture of harassment is widespread within the organization. Jane Garcia proposes to introduce a so-called '5 second rule’ ie employees are not to look at co-workers for longer than 5 seconds. Students will need to consider an appropriate course of action to address allegations of sexual harassment.

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This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Ethics / values; Corporate culture and corporate values; Leadership; Gender; #MeToo; Sexual harassment; Diversity


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United States

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