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Samuel Fosso Wamba (TBS - Toulouse Business School); Shahriar Akter (University of Wollongong)
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22 pages
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Field research
The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) is an emergency and rescue service in Australia dedicated to assisting the community. It consists of more than 10000 volunteers across 229 units in the New South Wales. Using digital transformation and big data analytics (BDA), the NSW SES provides real time services to the people in the region on flood, tsunami, storm and rescue operations (eg, road accident, vertical rescue, bush search etc). The better management of emergency operations requires NSW SES to integrate multiple sources of data (structured and unstructured) across multiple platforms and agencies. However, this transformation poses a new question for the company: How to redesign the technology platform? How to embed analytics into processes? How to empower people with solid insights? The case examines these initiatives which helped NSW-SES to reap the benefits from BDA. This case was written with the support of a Case Writing Scholarship awarded by The Case Centre.
Learning objectives:
1. Study the IT applications of NSW SES in collecting, processing and analysing big data. 2. Understand the organisational structure and decision making process in big data environment. 3. Understand the capability dimensions of big data analytics. 4. Illustrate the business value of big data in NSW-SES. 5. Provide guidelines for tackling the challenges of big data application within NSW-SES.
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