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El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Ltd (2018)
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Field research


This case delivers a striking example on the importance of choosing the right target audience and the correct repositioning to be able overcome long-time stagnant sales and profitability, based on the data obtained from CarrefourSA, Turkey for the period of 2010-2015. The Managing Director of the company Mehmet Nane, who held this position between 2013-2015, talks about the initial problem that they faced in the market and how they handled the problem via the CarrefourSA example. In the case, the route they have taken to overcome stagnant sales and profitability between 2010-2013 is discussed fully. A step-by-step approach is used, first showing the students the importance of target audience definition; followed by the positive impact of redefining the target group and repositioning the brand via a real-life case, with the help of market data. Differentiated and intensified market selection strategies are also explained through examples.


Marketing; Targeting; Segmentation; Positioning; International brands; International markets; Emerging markets; Turkey; CarrefourSA; Retail industry
USD77 billion
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